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January 19, 2015 - No Comments!

Jai Paul – Unintended Untitled Release


As someone who appreciates the traditional means of releasing music in an album format, it is rare for me to fall head over heels for an artist who hasn't put out much material. That said, Jai Paul has to be the biggest exception to that personal guideline. Ever. When I first heard his single BTSU, I knew he was on to something HUGE. He's like the ideal mix of Prince and Stevie Wonder, with 90's Timbaland-like hip-hop production, but Daft-Punk-esque vocal and synth aesthetics. That's a lot to swallow but this guy is seriously going to be a major thing. Drake rapped over Jai Paul's song "BTSU" for his song "Dreams Money Can Buy", and brought him some slight internet buzz, but nothing worthy of the pure talent of Mr. Paul.

       16 tracks were mysteriously uploaded to Jai Paul's Bandcamp, and his loyal followers declared it his much-anticipated debut album. The tracks have since been declared by Jai Paul himself as demos, and not part of his actual album. Nevertheless, these tracks are INCREDIBLE, and are guaranteed to make your day better, make you think about life in a new life, and all the other great shit that great music does to humans.

Stream the full 16-track album here.