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Horror-ble Advertising

I have had a love/hate relationship with horror movies since I was a wee lad watching Goosebumps over my older sibling's shoulder. Though it often feels like my conflicted sentiments towards horror are unique, I'm well aware that this type of relationship is common with this genre.
Perhaps the affinity for the climatic buildups that define horror narratives is what makes this Dirt Devil spot one of my all-time favorite TV Advertisements. Check it out below.

This incredibly creative, thorough, and immersive advertisement is exactly the type of content that draws me to the industry. Combining horror with comedy in film has a historically proven propensity for failure, yet this minute-and-a-half long Ad manages to nail it. Though this Ad was made for a German audience, it is universal in its delivery and substance. I can not get enough of this spot, and through it Dirt Devil achieves an entirely new level of cool.

Check out a related Dirt Devil Ad that drops the horror and sticks to comedic relief:

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