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Slicing Through the Clutter

There is so much clutter and noise constantly bombarding our senses that an advertisement really has but a fraction of a second to attract our generation's infamously hyperactive attention span. This may be why I tend to be drawn to Ad agencies and brands that are willing to take a unique and risky creative direction.
Last week a friend sent me a video advertisement for K-Mart that his agency had helped work on. The spot is called "Ship My Pants" and very simply cycles through a diverse set of customers shocked by the slogan for K-Mart's new in-store shipping service.

This advertisement represents one of the genre of video spots that a successful campaign needs in order to cut through the clutter of media. Viewers instantly pay attention as they can't believe that their TV just said "Sh!t My Pants", only to find out by the end of the commercial that they are watching a K-Mart shipping promotion. The shock value of this spot ended up doing wonders for the campaign. The video went viral and within two weeks, had tens of millions of views on youtube. The ultimate indication of a successful viral campaign? My mother sent me a link to it asking if I had seen it. Winning.

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