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Social Media #Detectives vs. Their Traditional Counterparts

The tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon last week created international shock as details of the attack poured out via digital, social, and mainstream media outlets. Mainstream media was initially lauded for their extensive coverage and immediate updates on the investigation, while social and digital media offered their own forms of a helping hand. Aside from initial photos posted by users to Twitter and Instagram of the post-bombing scenes of mayhem, Reddit snatched the spotlight as the most influential social media outlet, especially as the investigation progressed.

Reddit, which calls itself the “Front Page of the Internet,” became a location for users to aggregate photos, videos, and any other potentially useful information in identifying the subjects.  Harmless and Noble right? Their intentions surely were. The reality, however, became muddled by false leads gone viral. As assumptions of subjects jumped to {all} other social social media channels, innocent marathon bystanders instantly became public enemies.


What happened next is a little confusing. Mainstream media attacked Reddit for their role in spreading the false accusations made on their site. The users and moderators of the Reddit Forum denied their responsibility, however insisted that users stop posting on the men proven innocent.  The forum also blamed mainstream media for dispersing the innocent photos and making them go viral. The New York Post, the mainstream outlet that Reddit moderators were likely referring to, published an issue with a cover photo of the falsely accused innocent young men. They stand by their choice to publish the issue to this day.

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